Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to school preperation

Since summer is almost over, I thought that I would come up with a few ways to get yourself ready for a new school year.

  • One way is to get a haircut. It's not like you have to chop off all of your hair, but maybe just a clean new trim for yearbook pictures or a new style to change up your look.
  • Another way to change your look is to buy some new clothes. If you are like me you will want your entire wardrobe to be different but we all know that that can end up being very pricey so you can always buy some new statements pieces to change your wardrobe from the previous year such as a statement necklace/jewelry or some colored flats. I love having colored or patterned flats because it can turn an ordinary/casual outfit into something special. 

  • One of my last tips is to get a cute backpack. Although this can sound a bit dreary, it really helps me to get a cute backpack that I love to help me get in the back to school mood. Canvas backpacks can be very cute and helpful in school because they are very durable and can hold a lot of school supplies.
  • My last tip is to be comfortable in whatever you wear and not stress too much. Just be yourself and everything else will fall into place :)             
Love you lots <3

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