Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Nails

Halloween is just arround the corner! And no costume is complete without perfect spooky nails to match! So this week i gatjered some inspiration and nail polish and got to work to show you these 5 designs for your spooktacular nails this Halloween. I will show you how make mummy, pumpkin, Frankenstein, skull and candycorn nails. First up is the mummy. 
1. Paint a black base color 
2. Add fairly large white circles for eyes using a dotting tool or a striping brush
3. Add smaller circles inside using the same black circles as before
4. Use a striper or thin brish to createany small lines for the wrapping
5. Admire your nails!

1. Paint a base color, i used a sparkly white but of course you can just leave your natural nail
2. Paint a small circle at the tip of your nail in orange to create the pumpking base
3. Paint lines on the pumpkin using a darker oranges to create stipes 
4. Add a leaf and a stem 
5. Admire your nails!
Frankenstein's monster:
1. To a green base, add some spikey hair
2. Add large white cirlcles for the outside of the eyes
3. Add smaller black circles for the pupils
4. Use a thin brush to Create a line and stitching for the mouth 
5. (Optional) add sliver bolts 

1. Paint a white base
2. Add large ovals for eye sockets
3. Paint a triangle for the nose
4. Paint a curved mouth with a fine brush similar to the Frankenstein mouth
5. (Optional) add a matte top coat

Candy corn: 
1. Add a small yellow both at the vase of your nail
2. Add an orange blotch over top
3. Finally add a white blotch and blend
4. (Optional) add a sparkly top coat

And thats it! :) Those are all my apooky halloween nails! Let me k ow what you think and send me pictures on twitter! As always send me suggestions and follow me on all of my social media! Happy Halloween!
Love you lots <3

Monday, October 20, 2014

Getting lost in IKEA and the cutest mug ever

Yesterday night was homecoming at my school and since there isn't very much dancing going on, my friends and I decided to dress up and just hang out instead. So we went all over town! First we went to the mall and tried on all kinds of dresses and ran around, I found this gorgeous gown and was dancing around in it. Then we took a trip to IKEA because one of my friends had never been there before. It's like a whole different world over there. I just love looking at all the well-put together rooms and sitting on all the beds and couches. I took a picture looking over the top of all of the rooms which for some reason I really liked it. 

It's a behind the scenes picture if you will and I just thought it was very cool :) While I was running around IKEA I also found the cutest little espresso mug that I just had to share with you guys 

After IKEA we went to dinner and then hung out and watched movies. It was just a fun weekend just hanging out with friends.
I hope you like this type of post, it was more of a day in the life post instead of beauty. And I know technically this is a beauty blog but I just wanted to change it up a little bit and see how you like it! I will see you next week with a tutorial on how to do some spooky Halloween nails!
Love you lots <3 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn Love and Posting schedule

I know I haven't posted in a month but don't worry, I am not giving up blogging. School had just started and I had to get adjusted to a new homework load and more responsibilities. But now that I'm back in the school swing, I am ready to set a posting schedule! My plan is start out with 1 post a week on Saturday mornings and slowly move up to 2 posts a week. Hopefully I can keep up with this schedule starting next weekend!
Now that I got through all the business, I wanted to talk about my favorite season starting: fall! I love fall; the crisp breeze, the smell of leaves, all the beautiful colors, just everything that makes fall special. Recently I have been listening to one song on repeat that just puts me in a great fall mood, Bloom by The Paper Kites. It's such an upbeat song, it makes me feel happy and it reminds of all the reasons I love fall. I listen to it as I walk home from the bus stop and one day as I walked under a giant tree, the wind blew the leaves off the tree and I watched as they swirled through the wind. It made me smile and it made my ordinary day just that much better ♡
I'm hoping to make many more fall posts so make sure to follow me on bloglovin', as well as all of my other social media, so you can know the next time I make a post. So my message to you today is: pay attention to the little things and your day may just improve in ways you never thought were possible

Love you lots <3