Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Obsessions|| An overview

Since I am redesigning my blog and relaunching "my brand", I wanted to install a new series of posts that are my obsessions. Instead of making a monthly list of favorites, I decided that I would like to take one of my favorite things and make an entire post on it because for some of my previous favorites posts, I felt that I would ramble on and on about one product and then have to cut it down to fit what I had written for other products. Some products or concepts or things I felt I just couldn't just write a sentence about, I wouldn't be able to properly say just why that thing was my favorite or why I loved it so much. Now with this new concept of my obsessions, I feel that I will be able to properly explain to you guys why you should check out this product or why you should study this concept. Now I know that many of you wouldn't want to read an entire blog post just on one bottle of nail polish, and I understand that. I don't think I would be able to write an entire blogpost on a bottle of nail polish and if I did, it certainly wouldn't be worth reading. What I mean for these obsessions is to maybe take one specific item and build off of that. For example, I have a new bottle of nail polish that is a perfect sky blue that I just love so much. So my obsessions post on that nail polish could be me talking about that specific bottle of nail polish along with other things that I love that are that same color of blue. Or I might take that bottle of nail polish and dedicate my obsessions post on other colors of blue that I love and maybe other nail polishes that I want to buy that are similar. I can form categories out of this one product and just discuss it with you and give you my thoughts. Now I know that right now this just sounds like a whole jumble of ideas and it really is just one big jumble of ideas. But I am hoping that once I start making a few of these obsessions posts, all my ideas will formulate into a perfect concept that you will all enjoy reading. Hopefully I won't have to end up back at the drawing board with this idea but you never know until you try!

Lots of love <3

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What is my blog?

As you may have noticed, my blog doesn't really have a theme. I've been experimenting through-out the past few months and I just wanted to fill you guys in on what is going on inside my head. I started this out as a beauty blog (hence the name grace-n-beauty) yet I feel that I am not really fulfilling the beauty blogger criteria. I love makeup and beauty in general yet I am not like one of the popular beauty bloggers and I don't have lots of makeup or really any skill. I can't afford to buy that much makeup since I am still in school and don't have a job, so my monthly makeup favorites typically consist of the same 5 products, just in a different order and maybe with 1 more seasonal item thrown in there. I love the concept of being a beauty blogger and posting makeup tutorials and all that jazz yet I just am not qualified enough nor do I have enough resources to be good at that. I also thought of this being a fashion blog, which I guess could fall under the beauty category also, and there I fall into the same problem. I love shopping and I love fashion and clothes yet I don't go shopping because I can't afford to buy new clothes every week. To be quite honest with you, I have maybe 10 different outfits that I rotate throughout the week. So what I have decided to do is instead of this being just a beauty blog or just a fashion blog, I am going to make this blog into a lifestyle blog which basically means, I am going to post whatever I want. I will write posts about food, or nails, or music, or photography, or tech, or makeup, all the things that I love because I realized that my blog should be just as complex as I am. I don't specialize in just one thing, I love lots of things and I want my blog to be a reflection of myself because that to me really is the point of a blog. Now that I have decided the purpose of my blog and I am happy with it, I will start posting more regularly! *APPLAUSE* So I will get cracking tonight and make many many posts that I can have queued up to share with you so that i can just just share with you bits and pieces that I enjoy. Prepare yourself for many more posts and I will see you soon.

Love you lots <3