Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring songs

Recently I have been listening to more acoustic music and songs that I would consider "spring-like". All of these songs make me feel more bubbly and happy. I like to consider myself a bright and bubbly person and I feel that these songs help me feel more like myself and forget about all the bad things in life. I can be influenced greatly by something simple like a song and recently I have been catching myself being very stressed and negative and so these songs just bring me back to my normal self and help me release the stress.

Human- The Killers
I can't describe to you how happy I felt when I was sitting at my desk trying to finish my homework late at night and this song came on. Give it a listen, it is a great song.

From Eden- Hozier 
I just love this song and I love Hozier's voice, it is so relaxing to me. This song is just fantastic and its one of those slow, feel-good songs for me.

Bloom- The Paper Kites
I've raved about this song on my blog before, it is just another feel-good song and I love it. It reminds me of those summer nights when the sun is setting and it is cool out and after this freezing winter, that is what I want more than anything.

Riptide- Vance Joy
Another feel-good song (notice a theme here?) that is very relaxing and a good "chill" song.

Home/Dirty Paws- The Gardiner Sisters
I found this mash-up on Spotify and it is very well done. I like both of these songs and this acoustic mash-up is really good. I had never heard of the Gardiner Sisters before but I think I well browse through more of their music.

Reflections- Misterwives
This song is a little more upbeat compared to the other songs I listed but for me it still has that bubbly feel to it that I love.

On top of the World- Imagine Dragons
The beginning of this song is just so up-beat and poppy that it just makes me feel happy like I am on top of the world and I can't be stopped.

Laura Palmer RAC mix- Bastille
I absolutely love Bastille and this RAC mix makes Laura Palmer a less dark sounding song and makes it more happy sounding

Plant Life- Owl City
I just love how this song sounds dark and bright at the same time

Beyond the Sea- Bobby Darin
This song is pretty old but it just reminds me of summer and the ocean.

Australia- The Shins
Another upbeat song, not much else I can say, just makes me happy

Junk of the heart (happy)- The Kooks
To me this song is just so cute and it is just adorable. I just love it

Stolen Dance- Milky Chance
I love this song because it just has a bubbly moving base line that makes me want to dance

Shut up and dance- Walk the Moon
This song just makes me extremely happy and it is just so cute to me. The lyrics are adorable and I listen to this song on repeat and just dance my heart out.

There you have it! My "springy" songs that I can't stop listening to at the moment. I hope you like them and they make you just as happy as they make me!

Love you lots <3

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Nails

Hey guys! Spring feels like it is as far away as Christmas right now, but I just wish winter would end so I hoped if I made my nails look springy (?) then it would feel like spring! I got inspiration from onenailtorulethemall on Instagram and I painted these adorable floral, fox nails.

Base Coat: Wet n Wild megalast, "Break the Ice"
Flowers: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On", Elf "Smokin' Hot", Sally Hansen pen "Purple 370", Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Golden-I"
Fox: Elf "Smokin' Hot"
Top Coat: NYC "Extra Shiny 271"

I love the look of the flowers on the tip of the nail, its like a french manicure style which I love. This is one of my favorite designs I have done and I think you should try it out!
Hope you like it!

Love you lots <3