Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Nails

Halloween is just arround the corner! And no costume is complete without perfect spooky nails to match! So this week i gatjered some inspiration and nail polish and got to work to show you these 5 designs for your spooktacular nails this Halloween. I will show you how make mummy, pumpkin, Frankenstein, skull and candycorn nails. First up is the mummy. 
1. Paint a black base color 
2. Add fairly large white circles for eyes using a dotting tool or a striping brush
3. Add smaller circles inside using the same black circles as before
4. Use a striper or thin brish to createany small lines for the wrapping
5. Admire your nails!

1. Paint a base color, i used a sparkly white but of course you can just leave your natural nail
2. Paint a small circle at the tip of your nail in orange to create the pumpking base
3. Paint lines on the pumpkin using a darker oranges to create stipes 
4. Add a leaf and a stem 
5. Admire your nails!
Frankenstein's monster:
1. To a green base, add some spikey hair
2. Add large white cirlcles for the outside of the eyes
3. Add smaller black circles for the pupils
4. Use a thin brush to Create a line and stitching for the mouth 
5. (Optional) add sliver bolts 

1. Paint a white base
2. Add large ovals for eye sockets
3. Paint a triangle for the nose
4. Paint a curved mouth with a fine brush similar to the Frankenstein mouth
5. (Optional) add a matte top coat

Candy corn: 
1. Add a small yellow both at the vase of your nail
2. Add an orange blotch over top
3. Finally add a white blotch and blend
4. (Optional) add a sparkly top coat

And thats it! :) Those are all my apooky halloween nails! Let me k ow what you think and send me pictures on twitter! As always send me suggestions and follow me on all of my social media! Happy Halloween!
Love you lots <3

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