Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Triangle Nails

A while back, I was looking through the camera roll on my phone and I found out that I had taken a bunch of pictures for a nail tutorial that I never got around to posting. I don't think i have posted a nail tutorial since halloween so i think its time.

First I started off with a simple base coat and color. I used a Sally Hansen base coat and the white color is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in the shade White On.

Next I added two pieces of striping tape to my first nail, in a traingle shape. I filled in the triangle with Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in the shade Golden-I. Then i quickly removed the tape so that the polish would set.
Then, I used a black striping brush from Kiss nail art to create an outline of a smaller triangle inside the gold one. To fill in the triangle I used Confetti nail color in the shade Black Tie. Finish it off with a top coat.  I continued this pattern on each nail. I alternated the direction of the traingle to create a sort of contrasting effect but of course you can have all the traingles go in one direction.

I hope you liked this quick tutorial on this cute triangle design! On a side note, I apologize that the coloring of some of these pictures is a little off. For Christmas I got an Ott light, which doesn't give my pictures the same kind of warmth that I would like so I am working on figuring out how to fix that. If any of you have an Ott light, let me know and we can chat! As always, send me pictures on my social media if you try to recreate this design!

Love you lots <3

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